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The Wombwell Memorial Trail project aims to capture factual and social history from the period of the great wars, before the first-hand information is lost forever along with the people who remember that generation.

Have you got photographs, birth and death certificates, war papers, medals or anything of interest which connects your own family to the war? If your grandad or father went to war, how did that affect your family? What was the legacy that it left behind?

You might be able to add fresh information to that which is already here, or you might have new information about a person who isn�t already mentioned. If you are providing information about an additional person, are you able to provide a head and shoulders photo of them for the gallery introduction page?

How to include your information

Simply email what you have got to You can send photos (as jpgs) and write your information in a Word file or an email. If you�ve got any certificates to share you could take a photo of them in good daylight rather than trying to scan them.

Copyright and permission

Please only send in material which you have permission to use, or isn�t covered by active copyright. As a rule of thumb, copyright lasts for 70 years after the originators death so many documents and photos from the 1900�s should be copyright free. If in doubt, please cite the source where it came from.

Wombwell Memorial Trail accepts no liability for copyright or permissions on material which is provided by third parties, and uses information as provided in good faith.